Areas of NBFC activity of the Company :

The Company has bright future prospects as it is authorized to deal in variety of products which will enhance its growth & profitability. The main objects to be pursued:-


1):- To lend or advance money in any form or manner with or without security to such companies, firms and on such terms as may seem expedient and to guarantee the performance of contract by any person, companies or firms or to receive money, deposits on interest or otherwise and to borrow or take loans but not amounting to banking.


2):-To finance industrial enterprise and for that purpose lend and advance money to entrepreneurs promoters and industrial concerns on such terms and conditions and industrial concerns on such terms and conditions and with or without security as may be thought appropriate.


3):- To carry on the business of an investment company in all its branches and with -out prejudice to the generality of the foregoing to invest, subscribe for acquire, buy, sell , vary , underwrite, exchange, transfer hypothecate, deal in and dispose of any shares stocks, debenture, whether perpetual or redeemable debenture stock , bonds certificate, securities, properties of any other company including securities of any Government public authorities or bodies, local authorities, firm, person whether in India or elsewhere and to deal with and turn to account the same provided always that no purchases or investment imposing unlimited liability on the company shall be made.


4):-To carry on the business of properties and estate and for that purpose to acquire by purchase, lease , exchange hire or otherwise lands building and any estate, factories, easements, forests, orchards, gardens forms or other interest in the real estate and any rights over or connected with land so situate and to turn the same to account as may seem expedient and in particular by preparing building sites and by constructing, reconstructing, altering ,improving decorating furnishing building hotel, restaurant , cinema residential flats, office–space, industrial estate, workshop, factories, warehouses and convenience of all kinds and by consolidating, sub dividing properties and to sell let lease sub lease or otherwise dispose of and grant rights over the real properties.


5):-To carry on all or any of the business of buyers, sellers, suppliers, traders, processers merchants, importers, exporters, indentors, brokers, agents, assemblers, packers, stockist, distributors and dealer of and in commercial , natural and manmade fibers, textiles of all kinds, all types of yarn, jute and jute products, cements paper and its products chemical , dyes and fertilizer building material, vehicles, vehicles parts , automobile parts , machine parts, industrial, components, plastics ,and electronic parts & devices ,bullion , precious stones, work of art antique , curios jewellery and ornaments and in all kinds of machinery , accessories and polythene , bitumen and its products and for this purpose to enter into partnership with any persons, firm or corporate body.